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Wow…I am not clear on the definition of Maltreatment

It’s not some comfortable thing. But I really have to say something as I was pretty much shocked. I did not believe it but I just searched our law and realized yeah, if family member tortured another member’s spirit and body and caused critical injuries or death, the guilty would be charged of prison of 2~7 years. As performing the damage with the intention of torturing would be charged as Maltreatment thus the punishment would not exceed seven years of prison, even though the victim die from it. I am no expert on this but it seriously shocked me. They can just calmly kill their wives or children then spend some time and just come out and have a life. Guys, really, what’s it like in other countries? 


'Seeking Aether' (experimental garment collection): InAisce FW 13/14 Men's Collection featuring South Sudanese refugee and former child soldier turned actor and model Ger Duany  - video link

have to remember myself that there are humans have this kinda body•••